See Far collaborate with the Cattolica University from Rome

By presenting the See Far project at the Cattolica University, the students of the Master in Health Management manifested a great interest in the project and the work of Quantitas as a partner of the project and in charge of the socio-economic impact analyse. Therefore, Cattolica University has asked Quantitas to formalize the agreement and accept the internship of the students giving them a chance…

3D technologies for the proof-of-concept frame design

3D technologies (i.e. 3D scanning, 3D modelling, 3D printing) lay at the core of the design of the frame for the proof-of-concept prototype. For 3D modelling, open-source software was selected to facilitate collaboration between all the partners involved, located at distant sites. The parts and components that will be mounted on the frame (e.g. AR lenses, electronic boards, etc.) were 3D-modeled using 3D scanning where…

See Far 3D prototype JeronimoAgullo

3D Printing and prototyping

Following researches and dialogue with partners, we have concluded that prototype D for clinical trials would be 3D printed. We discarded the moulding process because it was slow and it can take one or two months after the 3D design to get it. Therefore, we made a decision for the 3D printing option as faster and better for prototyping and low mass production. In-depth research…


Peter Skov Jensen gave an online lecture about See Far at CSH – Center for Sight and Accessibility Aids

On January 28th, See Far partner Peter Skov Jensen from Aarhus University Hospital gave an online lecture to the staff (Optometrists, occupational therapists, visual- and IKT-consultants) dealing with vision problems at CSH – Center for Sight and Accessibility Aids, located in Aarhus. ( CSH is a public institute that helps e.g. people with low vision by training them and giving them different kinds of tools…

presented in the EU&U conference the See Far project

See Far project have been presented in the EU&U conference in Greece

Prof. Tsiknakis from FORTH, our project partner, presented in the EU&U conference the See Far project on 18th January 2021. The topic of the session was Recovery and Health and you can find out more information here: More than 1000 participants attended the online event and 35 speakers discussed important issues where real needs of European citizens were addressed.

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

We have seen it in fictional TV-series, movies but also in futuristic literature such as Isaac Asimov’s novels. Artificial Intelligence has unimaginable potential and in a couple of years, it will revolutionize most of the aspects of our daily lives. In the latest years, AI is turning into a reference point of today’s technology innovation. Today, we are experiencing exponential growth of AI-studies and researches,…

Luis Castillon Torre - Novartis - See Far1

Luis Castillón on the Retinnova2020 platform talking about “New technologies in the control of macular pathology”

Luis Castillón has presented this October, on the Retinnova2020 platform, a talk on “New technologies in the control of macular pathology” In the video in which he presents, among other projects, the See Far solution and its application in the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of patients with macular pathology. Retinnova2020 is a platform dedicated to training, dissemination of knowledge and innovation in the field of…

getting most of blueprint personas

See Far project participated in the virtual workshop: Getting the most out of using personas.

The EIP on AHA Blueprint team, together with EHTEL, has set up a short 90-minute virtual, but still hands-on, workshop. The workshop started with the experiences of several organisations, including small- and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups. This virtual workshop has focused on a set of positive experiences of blueprint personas use. The interaction was arranged in the breakout room and we have investigated the use…

See Far smart glasses logo transparent

Vi vil gerne bede om din anonyme feedback i forbindelse med en spørgeskemaundersøgelse

Er du over 40 år gammel, og har du en eller flere af følgende tilstande: Diabetisk øjensygdom (Diabetisk Retinopati), AMD, Grøn stær, Grå stær eller er nærsynet, langsynet, har bygningsfejl eller gammelmandssyn (presbyopi), så vil vi gerne høre din mening. Øjensygdomme på Aarhus Universitetshospital deltager i et EU-finansieret Horizon2020 forskningsprojekt kaldet See Far (, som har til formål at udvikle og teste to forskellige tekniske…

See Far smart glasses organized the second Focus Group in Italy

See Far organized the second Focus Group in Italy

The outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and measures implemented to limit its spread have influenced the routine of the questionaries’ compilation and on organising the Focus groups in Italy. Nevertheless, we gained the results, in much more time then it was planned initially, that is necessary to continue the design and development of the smart glasses. The questionaries’ were collected separately from employees and employers and…

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