See Far smart glasses organized the second Focus Group in Italy

See Far organized the second Focus Group in Italy

The outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and measures implemented to limit its spread have influenced the routine of the questionaries’ compilation and on organising the Focus groups in Italy. Nevertheless, we gained the results, in much more time then it was planned initially, that is necessary to continue the design and development of the smart glasses. The questionaries’ were collected separately from employees and employers and…

See Far infographic vision impairmants world wide

See Far infographic

See Far infographic More than two billions of People are blind or visually impaired worldwide. Half of them lack access to eye care. Meet the See Far project and see what we are working to change that.


Introducing See Far project in Denmark

On August 21st, See Far partner Peter Skov Jensen from Aarhus University Hospital gave a lecture to the workers dealing with vision problems at ISHD – Institute for Sight, Hearing and Deafblindness in the city of Aalborg ( It is a public institute that helps e.g. people with low vision by training them and giving them different kinds of tools like magnification devices as…

seSee Far second Focus group in Seville

See Far organized the second Focus Group in Seville / Spain

See Far consortium, in particular, the partners from USE, Hospital San Juan de Dios and MustHave Sunglasses organised the second Focus group in Seville. In this occasion, on 29th of September, the partners explained the project, presented the functionalities of the See Far solution and the marketing mock-up to the group of “possible end-users”. We concluded the session with the debate in which, thanks to…


Concerted paper between partners and projects: THE ROLE OF AI TECHNOLOGIES IN WORKING THROUGH COVID-19 AND ITS AFTERMATH

See Far project, together with other six projects have worked recently on the non-scientific paper regarding the role of AI technologies in working through COVID-19 and its aftermath. This close collaboration was led by SmartWork project And joint by: Ageing@Work: BIONIC CO-ADAPT See Far sustAGE WorkingAge See Far project had an active effort and role to elaborate and write about the digital solutions…

See far smart glasses

1st HW bench prototype integration exercise

In the 3rd Plenary Meeting of the See Far project, held in Ioannina (Greece) on the 16th & 17th of January 2020, one of the most important sessions of the meeting was that dedicated to bringing together ‘physically’, for the 1st time, some of the ‘key’ HW components of the overall solution, with the aim to identify related interoperability/integration difficulties and to draw important conclusions…

See Far meeting Ioannina - Smart glasses

See Far third Plenary Meeting in Ioannina/Greece, 16 and 17 January 2020

Moving the entire consortium toward Ioannina was a real adventure as some of us travelled two days and waited hours for the connecting flight. It was not the very surprising when we met all partners in front of the same gate for Ioannina to take the only plane we could take. The meeting actually started at that moment with the relaxing and positive vibrations that…

el economista about see far project1

El Economista about See Far project

A project to improve the quality of life of people with visual impairments This new tool aims to be an unobtrusive solution in its design The See Far project, included in the Horizon 2020 framework program of the European Union, aims to provide support to the elder active population with visual impairments. Its development is carried out by a consortium formed by 12 partners from…

The See Far project consortium held its second plenary meeting in Madrid, on the days 10 and 11 of July 2019

The See Far project consortium held its second plenary meeting in Madrid, on the days 10 and 11 of July 2019

The meeting took place in a hospital belonging to one of the partners of the consortium (OHSJD) The partners presented the main outcomes from the work packages so far, discussed and agreed on the most relevant questions, worked together on specific topics, made a general assessment of the project and planned next steps. The periodic Executive Board and General Assembly meetings were also held. Author:…


See Far Kickoff Meeting, 11 and 12 February 2019

There’s no doubt a project Kickoff meeting can set the course and tone for the rest of a project. Seville, with 22 degrees, was the great place to start our See Far adventure with the right foot or should we say with the clear vision. Project Leader together with team members shared understanding, make decisions about how we will work together, how often we will…