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See Far project presents the Project outcomes impact assessment

The socio-economic analysis and the validation of the See Far solution include macroeconomic variables relevant to the EU context such as healthcare costs, welfare system costs, employment rate and competitiveness of the developed platform and gross domestic product (GDP). The analysis demonstrates how vision impairment can impact the direct cost to the health sector and the indirect costs of the loss of productivity in the…

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See Far is a digitally enabled adaptive solution supporting ageing workforce with vision deficiencies, an age-related condition, to remain actively involved in professional life, helping them to sustain and renew their work and personal life–related skills and support an independent active and healthy lifestyle. This solution is a low cost, unobtrusive solution which ensures the creation of an adaptive smart working and living environment since…


News from the Danish site – recruitment has started

The See Far smart glasses prototype was delivered this week to Aarhus University Hospital. In Denmark, we are now ready to start recruiting participants and start the clinical trial. Stay tuned for news and new milestones. Danish version: See Far smartbrilleprototypen er nu ankommet til Aarhus Universitetshospital. I Danmark er vi klar til rekruttering af forsøgsdeltagere til projektet og opstarte den kliniske afprøvning. Du kan…

We have achieved an important milestone

The first prototype was delivered to the first hospital, as planned. Hospital Orden Hospitalaria De San Juan De Dios received, two days ago the Smart glasses and the D-eye camera as a See Far solution in to start the clinical trial. This is a great achievement for the project and consortium. Stay tuned for all the news and new milestones.

Thanks to the AI algorithms, ophthalmologists will receive a draft estimation of the status of the pathology

2021 – The Rise of Telemedicine

From the beginning of the COVID pandemic back in March 2020, telemedicine is taking healthcare to the next level. It is promising to make state-of-the-art healthcare more accessible and fast, without the need to wait hours in line. The ongoing pandemic forced institutions and regulatory bodies to select alternative ways of providing healthcare services while limiting exposure to the virus. Telemedicine is bridging the gap…

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Developing software before hardware

Topic: Augmented Reality,  Software Development, Software Integration When we started developing software for See Far we had a long way to go before the hardware prototype would be ready: let’s say a couple of years of time. Our development team had to come up with a way of working things out that would lead us to have a simple way of implementing all we were…

Systematic prototyping in the See Far project

Systematic prototyping in the See Far project

A scheme based on intermediate prototypes (ABCD) has been used as a basic management tool to ensure progress and coordination during the development phases of the See Far project. The solution involves various components, technologies, experts and partners distributed throughout Europe. It has been very important to establish internal milestones to check progress, coordination, consistency and to get all the benefits of prototyping (experimentation, learning,…

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Design and commercial exploitation speak the language of the value proposition

During the first steps of the SeeFar consortium, key aspects were identified that would make the technical solution not just a good technological proposal. The challenge went further and consisted in transmitting in each of the phases of evolution, the spirit of a solution so destined to support the vision problems of so many people. For this reason, it was essential to strengthen the alliance…

D-EYE for retinal screening in elderly population

From Emergency to Precise Medicine

The rise of Digital Apps in the Healthcare Field Digital Apps and platforms are set to become the “new normal” in healthcare. According to Deloitte, the need for a cost effective healthcare is increasing every year. The NHS funding gap forecast to reach £30 by the end of 2021. Moreover, the rise in chronic conditions in the UK, expected to cost £5 billion per year…

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Personalized profile, Intelligent component, Eye tracking

One of the innovative features of the See Far solution is that the provided suggestions are adaptive to the profile of the user.  This is achieved through the Personalized visual recommendation service. The Personalized profile of the user consists of the socio-demographic profile (e.g. age, occupation, marital status, etc.), the medical profile of the user (type of vision deficiency, severity of its vision deficiency, comorbidities,…

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