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When we started developing software for See Far we had a long way to go before the hardware prototype would be ready: let’s say a couple of years of time.

Software SeeFar tracking active

Our development team had to come up with a way of working things out that would lead us to have a simple way of implementing all we were about to create in the future.

We decided to start working with a phone and its camera, functioning as our future see far glasses. We chose Android operating system and Unity as the development environment.

We knew that we were going to find a similar ecosystem later on since we were defining the specification for hardware during the same time period.

With this first solution we were capable of developing all the service functionalities and the communication with the see far app, using BLE as communication protocol.

Also all the visual components were created in their version 0.1, but we knew that when developing software for augmented reality glasses we had to keep many other things in mind that cannot be reproduced without an actual pair of glasses.

A year ago we decided it was time for us to take another step forward before we could get our hands on the first prototype of See Far. We needed to move to a pair of glasses that would resemble as much as possible our final solution, so we chose Nreal glasses.

glasses app Framework unity android

This product was similar to our solution as far as hardware, so we had the chance to start developing content with a real pair of glasses. This gave us a lot of advantages like the understanding of all the challenges there are on this new type of technology.

As for today we are now approaching the implementation of all our work onto the actual see far prototype. Our journey during these years let us start working on the solution without having to wait before the actual hardware to be ready, which gave us a big boost into the work we are carrying out these days.



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