ObjectRecognition Smart glasses see far project

Smartphone Today, Glasses Tomorrow

Topic: Augmented Reality,  Personalized visual assistant service,  Personalized visual recommendation service,  Embedded navigation system “We will all soon throw away our smartphones” I’ve heard this quote many times in the past years and I keep wondering how long it will actually take. The past 5 years have been insane in the XR world, many companies have been working towards this new way of interacting with…

all the modules of the See Far appication with the integration points

Integration strategy for a modular technological product by multinational partners in the era of coronavirus

The SeeFar application consists of various heterogeneous modules, such as smart glasses, various sensors, processing units, smartphone applications etc. So, the integration of all these modules was a challenge during the project. For all possible integration strategies (“big bang”, “with the Stream”, incremental, Aggregates, Subsets, Threads or “Functional Chains”, top-down, bottom-up, sandwich or hybrid, Criterion Driven or “Critical Modules”, Continuous) for the SeeFar having considered…


See Far collaborate with the Cattolica University from Rome

By presenting the See Far project at the Cattolica University, the students of the Master in Health Management manifested a great interest in the project and the work of Quantitas as a partner of the project and in charge of the socio-economic impact analyse. Therefore, Cattolica University has asked Quantitas to formalize the agreement and accept the internship of the students giving them a chance…

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