Sensor-based behavioral informatics in See Far.

Sensor-based behavioral informatics in See Far.

The field of behavioral informatics has the potential to optimize interventions through monitoring, assessing, and modeling behavior in support of providing tailored and timely interventions. The See Far patient-centered research is ongoing utilizing a wearable sensing ecosystem and machine learning/AI to optimize the interventions. The latter is performed through the Smart Personalised profile which is a software component of the See Far solution. One of…

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Developing software before hardware

Topic: Augmented Reality,  Software Development, Software Integration When we started developing software for See Far we had a long way to go before the hardware prototype would be ready: let’s say a couple of years of time. Our development team had to come up with a way of working things out that would lead us to have a simple way of implementing all we were…

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The COVID 19 pandemic triggers the need for telemedicine

The COVID 19 pandemic triggers the need for telemedicine. The See Far project proposes a new model of specialized medical care that provides greater accessibility for everyone. It is estimated that approximately 180 million people in the world do  have diabetes and needs fundus examinations for good control and follow-up. Other diseases such as age-related macular degeneration or glaucoma are equally prevalent in society and…

Systematic prototyping in the See Far project

Systematic prototyping in the See Far project

A scheme based on intermediate prototypes (ABCD) has been used as a basic management tool to ensure progress and coordination during the development phases of the See Far project. The solution involves various components, technologies, experts and partners distributed throughout Europe. It has been very important to establish internal milestones to check progress, coordination, consistency and to get all the benefits of prototyping (experimentation, learning,…

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