From the beginning of the COVID pandemic back in March 2020, telemedicine is taking healthcare to the next level. It is promising to make state-of-the-art healthcare more accessible and fast, without the need to wait hours in line.

The ongoing pandemic forced institutions and regulatory bodies to select alternative ways of providing healthcare services while limiting exposure to the virus. Telemedicine is bridging the gap between people, doctors and healthcare institutions enabling everyone to stay at home and get remote health visits using wearable medical devices and smartphones.

New technologies that allow Telemedicine practices are making their way to provide an improved accessibility to healthcare services with the goal of monitoring, preventing diseases and consequences.

The See Far European Projects aims to have a great impact on prevention of retinal diseases, decreasing the cases of preventable blindness in working-age people.

Today, people can find difficulties in having access to eye and retinal visits with the possibility of late diagnosis and thus inadequate treatments to diseases such as Diabetic Retinopathy, AMD and Glaucoma.

Thanks to the advanced usage of the smartphone and the incredible results in medical technology and Research, it is now possible to turn an object like the smartphone into a medical device. In ophthalmology for example, ophthalmologists can use smartphones to record images and videos of patients’ retina to get a reliable overview of its status.

See Far is providing a new solution to help and improve doctor-patient communication and relationship. And this will happen with the usage of innovative technologies such us:

  • See Far Smart glasses
  • D-EYE digital ophthalmic camera attached to the smartphone

D-EYE digital ophthalmic camera attached to the smartphone

This solution is extremely helpful to monitor the progression of a disease, especially during the pandemic situation the world is facing at the moment. Thanks to the AI algorithms, ophthalmologists will receive a draft estimation of the status of the pathology, helping them to deliver a more precise referral and a continuous monitoring of the diseases.

Thanks to the AI algorithms, ophthalmologists will receive a draft estimation of the status of the pathology

Try to imagine a world where AI is able to prepare treatment plans better, providing physicians with all the information they need to make better decisions every day.

See Far is bringing AI to patient’s home, to detect and monitor pathologies that can affect the sight and lead to blindness.


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