On January 28th, See Far partner Peter Skov Jensen from Aarhus University Hospital gave an online lecture to the staff (Optometrists, occupational therapists, visual- and IKT-consultants) dealing with vision problems at CSH – Center for Sight and Accessibility Aids, located in Aarhus. (
CSH is a public institute that helps e.g. people with low vision by training them and giving them different kinds of tools like magnification devices as well as smart glasses currently on the market.
The citizen borrows the devices for free. CSH provides this service in Aarhus municipality and six surrounding municipalities. The rest of Denmark have their own institutes or similar arrangements.
The talk was about different smart glasses for low vision and the See Far project in general.
It was a very fruitful lecture in which the vision consultants at CSH were also able to give feedback on the pros and cons of existing smart glasses for people with low vision.

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