Moving the entire consortium toward Ioannina was a real adventure as some of us travelled two days and waited hours for the connecting flight. It was not the very surprising when we met all partners in front of the same gate for Ioannina to take the only plane we could take.

See Far meeting Ioannina - Smart glasses

The meeting actually started at that moment with the relaxing and positive vibrations that our team leader is always capable to create.

See Far team members at the airport of Athens - Smart glasses

Hotel du Lac, the venue of the meeting and for the major part of us the place to stay was an excellent choice by the FORTH organisation. We can only make our compliments to them for giving us this great working venue.

See Far plenary meeting january 2020 - Smart Glasses

The meeting was very productive and helped the consortium moving forward in the creation of tangible deliverables that improve data sharing across disciplines, technologies and different countries.

See Far solution personalized services development - Smart Glasses

We discussed See Far solution personalized services development, hardware components adaptation, prototype presentation, integration, testing and verification, solution evaluation in real settings and dissemination, exploitation and socioeconomic analysis.

See Far prototype presentation, integration, testing and verification - Smart glasses

As always, coordination and management worked on the synchronization of the partners’ efforts to provide unity of action in the pursuit of common goals.

See Far significant progress on all project work packages - Smart glasses

The 2-day face-to-face meeting allowed for joint detailed work, discussions on key issues, exchange of views, hands-on examination of prototypes and models, and decision-making. This led to significant progress on all project work packages.

We cannot finish this post without mentioning the wonderful Greek kitchen and their sweets that made our work even more fruitful.

Author: Quantitas

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