See far smart glasses

In the 3rd Plenary Meeting of the See Far project, held in Ioannina (Greece) on the 16th & 17th of January 2020, one of the most important sessions of the meeting was that dedicated to bringing together ‘physically’, for the 1st time, some of the ‘key’ HW components of the overall solution, with the aim to identify related interoperability/integration difficulties and to draw important conclusions for the further progress of the development activities within the project.
hardware seefar

Among other items, the partners got to see, feel and experiment with the AR lenses, the gaze tracking cameras, the scene camera and the processing unit to be employed as part of the overall See Far solution. In turn, they got to connect them all up and check that they all communicated with each other correctly. The experience gained through this ‘exercise’, and the early stage at which this was obtained, will be invaluable for the future steps in the See Far project.

seefar lenses

Author: Lamda88

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