getting most of blueprint personas Nikos

The EIP on AHA Blueprint team, together with EHTEL, has set up a short 90-minute virtual, but still hands-on, workshop. The workshop started with the experiences of several organisations, including small- and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups. This virtual workshop has focused on a set of positive experiences of blueprint personas use.

The interaction was arranged in the breakout room and we have investigated the use of the Blueprint persona, Nikos, a person of working age with diabetes, hypertension and mild COPD who lives in an urban setting but without easy access to specialised services. Identifies what adaptations and types of digital solutions can support Nikos to manage his conditions, prevent deterioration of his health, and remain in employment.

We have explored which solutions (existing or not yet on the market) that would meet Nikos needs, and attempt to rank the solutions in terms of best fit to needs and Nikos characteristics.

It was a very interesting and useful workshop that have explained with the real cases how to work with end-users to understand end-user needs and where to head in terms of next steps.

Author Quantitas